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CABY- Chasing A Better You, Ministries, Inc.

Was created to enhance your walk with God. Face it. Each of us struggle at some point in our lives to understand the issues of life. Financial hardships, family issues, addictions, incarcerations and other maladies tend to distort our view of life. As a result we tend to lose hope, faith, and yes even self-love.

Chasing A Better You will equip you with the necessary information, strategies, and scriptures for empowering change. It is my prayer that God gives illumination and revelation in your walk with Christ. Let's get ready to experience God's transformation, one soul at a time!

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"Mistakes Made
Lessons Learned"

Acclaimed author Dr. Traci Blalock Phillips seeks to inspire others by sharing personal experiences. Her book captures her courageous act of transparency as she offers it as a tool for effective witnessing.

Personal short stories, anecdotes, soul-searching questions and scripturally based affirmations combine to make Mistakes Made…Lessons Learned a MUST read! (Ebook available on